General maintenance in Roda de Bará, Tarragona

Your garden, pool, house, or community in the best hands. We make sure that every day feels like spring in your garden and that you enjoy a home or community in the best condition.

Swimming pools

At Sarey Multiservicios we want to offer our help for any type if work related to the maintenance and assembly of your swimming pool system.

Among many others, the services we offer regarding your pool are:

  1. Regular or recurring cleanings
  2. Spot cleaning
  3. Stabilization of pool parameters
  4. Set-up for the summer
  5. Pool filter replacement
  6. Replacement of the elements of the installation (motor, selector valve, skimmers…)
  7. Maintenance of the pool (bores and maintenance of pool infrastructure)

Artificial grass

We are a company specializing in artificial lawn. If what you are looking for your Project is a job well done, with top quality products and the best professionals, do not hesitate to contact us to achieve your outdoor Project.

The services we offer in this regard are:

  1. Installation
  2. Maintenance
  3. Outer space design
  4. Unlimited decorative elements
  5. Gravels and aggregates of all kinds
  6. Sale of artificial Grass with and without assembly


We are gardeners specialized in any type of vegetation, we have a team of professionals highly qualified to carry out any work in your garden-

If you need our help on the maintenance and cleaning of your garden, a piece of land or any other surface, we are your trusted company.

We carry out any type of work such as:

  1. Pruning
  2. General garden maintenance
  3. Tree felling
  4. Cutting and planting of natural lawn
  5. Planting all kinds of trees and plants
  6. Identification and eradication of diseases in the garden
  7. Application of phytosanitary products
  8. Recommendations for the type of garden to install depending on its use


If you are not happy with the maintenance and cleaning service provided to you, you can contact us, we Will prepare a detailed Budget for all those needs that may arise in a community of owners.

If what you are looking for is to centralize services and offer all owners a quality service, we are the indicated company.

We can carry out any job, among which stand out:

  1. Pool maintenance
  2. Maintenance of outdoor areas
  3. General maintenance of the damages that community elements may suffer (interrupted lights)
  4. General cleaning of the community

Comprehensive service and home maintenance

We offer any service to the maintenance or reform f your home. You can count on us to carry out any work or work in the home, as well as to give it a facelift or carry out a comprehensive reform.

The services we offer are:

  1. Masonry
  2. Paint
  3. Handymen (replacement of taps, replacement of fans or lights, stopcocks, switches, WC cistern mechanisms, repairment of manual blinds…)



Pruning, clearing, natural lawn, planting, exterior design, interior and exterior gardening, arrangements, irrigation, application o phytosanitary products…


Artificial lawn

Carrying out the project, preparation of the land, varied artificial lawn and for all budgets, installation, maintenance, application of none-abrasive insecticides…

Pool maintenance

Application of products, tuning for the summer, regular maintenance, algae removal, parameter adjustment, general maintenance, shock cleaning…

General home maintenance

We offer masonry services, painting and handyman services so that you can solve any problem with our help. All kinds of maintenance work is carried out with a professional team dedicated exclusively to satisfying our costumers’ needs.

We take care of and pamper your garden, your home or your community so that your environment is always full of life.